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Name:Stable Rubber Mat
Material:Major components - Styrene-Butadine rubber (SBR), carbon black. Minor components - Zinc oxide, Sulfur, Accelerators / Activators ( >1% ), Antioxidant / Stabilizers ( >1 % )
Surface:mould pattern
Insertion:without or with 1-3 ply polyester or EP cloth insertion
Tensile strength:4-8mpa
Hardenss:60-80 shoreA

Product Description

Cow mat


  • Encourages cow to stand during defecation and urination
  • Easy to cleanUnique anti-bacterial surface
  • High shock absorbency protects the knees and hocks during rising and lying down
  • Maximizes the natural resting period
  • Reduces lameness and stress
  • Increases blood supply to teats and udder
  • Soft lying area
  • Preferred by the cows
  • Increased productivity & profitability
  • Reduces laminitis and lameness
  • Reduces premature culling
  • Improves udder, leg and claw health
  • Increases milk yield
  • Improves milk quality
  • Reduced workload
  • Less bedding material
  • Easier to keep clean
  • Cleaner cows


With comfort mats only a small amount of bedding material should be used, enough to take care of manure, dirt and liquids. Extensive use of bedding material will only cause problems since it will "get under the mat" and there by drastically affect the life span of the Comfort mat.



PP film /PP bags 

Wooden/Iron pallets 

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