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Name:Anti-slip Patterned Rubber Floor Mat
Material:Major components - Styrene-Butadine rubber (SBR), carbon black. Minor components - Zinc oxide, Sulfur, Accelerators / Activators ( >1% ), Antioxidant / Stabilizers ( >1 % )
Thickness:3mm - 6mm
Surface:mould pattern
Insertion:without or with 1ply cotton ,polyester or EP cloth insertion

Product Description

antislip rubber mat 

Technical Specification

Ribbed pattern floor mat can reduce slips and falls by increasing traction, even when exposed to moisture and chemicals.

Pattern: diamond , ribbed , round button,checker ,holes and so on .

Tensile strength at break: 15 -24 Mpa.

Hardness: 35-40  degrees shore A.

Elongation at break: 400%-650%.

Working Temperature: -30℃-80℃

Product Performance: Test Temperature 25°C Relative Humidity 35% Test by GB5574-94 Correlation criterion GB/T528-1998 GB/T3512-1989 GB/T531-1992


PP film /PP bags 

Wooden/Iron pallets 

Wooden  box

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